Agatha, Brad-and-baby-Sophia Riverside Midwives testimonial

Agatha, Brad and baby Sophia

I came across Emily and Jo completely accidently when I was looking for help due to urinary retention in the first trimester of my pregnancy. Emily answered her mobile at 6am when I was calling frantically to get some help as all private clinics were closed due to Covid. She then advised us what to do. The meeting was a God’s send and thanks to the services the two ladies provided, mine and my husband’s experience of the pregnancy, the birth and the postpartum recovery, was as wonderful as possible given our circumstances.

I suffered from severe tokophobia and decided to have the comfort of private midwives supporting me through the process. Emily became my primary midwife, but I was reassured that in case of anything, Jo, who I also met would step in, so I felt safe at all times.

I have no words to express my gratitude to Emily, who was always there for me. Additionally to frequent visits I had access to Emily and Jo via whatsapp, so being able to run through all my concerns and worries was invaluable. The service I received was worth all the money in the world as I felt looked after and really cared for, exactly as every mum to be should feel. And I am particularly emphasising this, as my first pregnancy and birth were really traumatic, so I was determined for this time to be different. Emily was always checking up on me, she was aware of each hospital visit I had scheduled and was even attending an appointment with me when partners were not allowed due to the pandemic. I found her extremely warm, attentive and protective.

Also, thanks to Emily, I was introduced to an extraordinary consultant, who carried out all of my pregnancy appointments, checks and scans and then the delivery of our beautiful daughter Sophia. The continuity of the whole process made up to the very challenging and difficult pregnancy I was having. And of course we were lucky to have the most wonderful and perfect birth, which was an incredible bonus!

I would highly recommend the service Emily and Jo provide to all mums and parents to be as I believe that each woman (and her partner) should be able to experience such an unforgettable attentiveness, care and support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. This short period of our lives is so crucial to be properly looked after to feel safe, comfortable and supported. This then translates into the relationship we are building with our new baby, hence the support is indispensable. We are both forever grateful to Emily and Jo for their assistance and I can easily say a contribution to our happiness and the wonderful start to parenthood.