Emily,-Jimmy,-Baby-Oliver-Riverside Midwives testimonial

Emily, Jimmy and baby Olivia

In truth I find it hard to articulate what Emily’s care has meant to us. Never in my life have I experienced or even witnessed such nurturing, intuitive and dedicated care. Pre-pregnancy, I don’t know that I had thought too hard about the type of midwife led care I would hope for or the importance of continuity but suddenly there I was, 33 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty hopeless about the antenatal care I had thus far received. It was then that I put my research hat on and contacted Riverside Midwives.

I was a low risk pregnancy, planning for a natural, home-birth and ever the water baby, determined to use a birthing pool. Emily’s response to my birth preferences was not the discouraging and presumptive of me being a first-time mum comments I had been subject to up till then but rather positive, encouraging and totally supportive. I believe she replied with, ‘Great! Home birth is a great option for you!’ and she applauded me for being positive and excited about my birth- something I really appreciated and needed to hear.

Emily is so much more than the person who supported me in the birth of our baby girl… she quickly became my trusted advisor (in all things pregnancy, birth and parenting), my sounding board, my confidant and, perhaps most importantly, my friend. The constant professional, it is easy to trust Emily as she has the knowledge, the experience and the calmest of demeanours to be prepared for any eventuality. I knew that birth can be unpredictable and Emily helped me prepare for a ‘just in case’ plan b and plan c scenario, so that I felt informed and in control at all times; regardless of how things progressed when the time came. However, I knew that no matter what happened on the day of our birth that Emily would give me the best care possible. I trust her. Luckily, I had the birth of my dreams. Emily knew me so well and as always worked so intuitively to guide and support me throughout the most extraordinary and empowering moment of my life. As I rode the waves of labour in a warm birthing pool in the lounge of my home (my sanctuary) I felt safe in the knowledge that Emily was there to guard my space and care for the health of myself and my baby- so much so that I went into a trance of letting everything around me just fade away; allowing me to truly experience the magic of birth without interruption. Emily works alongside Jo who was my second midwife and I can’t tell you how lucky I felt to not only have such a close relationship with Emily but also to know and have total trust in my second midwife as well. I understand so wholly now the importance of that. Emily and Jo work so beautifully together- so in sync and you feel in the safest of hands.

My gratitude to Emily is inarticulatable. All I can do in testament of her care is tell you that hiring Emily as our midwife was the best decision we could have ever made and there will be zero hesitation in contacting Emily the moment we discover any future pregnancies. I truly believe that pregnancy, birth and postnatal care can deeply affect the rest of your life and I am so grateful to say that I have emerged a more confident, happy and trusting woman as a result of an all round beautifully supported and empowering experience.