Felizitas,-Nils-and-baby-Eleonor Riverside Midwives testimonial

Felizitas, Nils and baby Eleonor

My husband and I can’t possibly put into words how wonderful, competent and helpful Jo and Emily are. We had our first child (a baby girl) in May 2021. Since our families do not live in the UK, and with Covid restrictions limiting travel, we could not rely on their help or support in those first weeks and felt the postpartum care provided by the NHS was very limited.

Hiring Jo and Emily was genuinely one of the best decisions we made throughout our pregnancy. Jo (our lead midwife) has been the biggest support we could have hoped for. As first time parents, we quite literally did not know what to do in those first few days and were constantly doubting whether we were doing the right thing.

With her incredible experience as a midwife and mother herself, and her loving and caring nature, Jo was there every step of the way to teach and reassure us and give us the confidence you need as new parents. It also gave us great peace of mind to know that we could contact Jo and Emily 24/7, and they always responded within minutes.

After five weeks, we still have so much to learn, but thanks to Jo and Emily we are 100% confident that we can do it. We cannot thank them enough and would recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a private midwife!