Giselle, Dean & baby Sam

My mother gave birth to me at home in South Africa, which was a very rare thing in her day, but it meant I have been fortunate enough to grow up thinking of home birth as the ‘norm’. That, along with the fact that my husband and I are both chiropractors and truly believe in the body’s natural ability to birth without any interference, just reiterated the need for us to be in our happy, homely and comforting space when I gave birth to our first baby. I knew that my body, when healthy and well, would birth my baby the way it is wonderfully designed to, and at the same time I also knew that my mind can play tricks on me! All I had to do was get out of my head, and into my body, and let it do the work! So I knew we had to find a midwifery team to support that.

As soon as we met Emily and Jo we knew. We knew they were the exact right fit for us and I can still remember closing the door behind them after our first meeting and getting giddy with excitement jumping up and down with my husband! They were phenomenal. Emily was my lead midwife, and really just brought us so much calm assurance whenever we wobbled. My husband always says Emily has the art of a great communicator, she listens so intently to what you have to say, she makes sure she understands your core deep desires, and will only offer her advice if you ask for it (a rare thing when you’re pregnant!). She won’t give you her opinion, only the facts to weigh up your risk vs benefit if you feel you have a difficult decision to make, and will support you through it all. She is professional, yet welcoming and warm; she is quiet, yet tells you all you need to hear; she is little, but oh so strong. Jo, as my second midwife was everything we needed her to be. She felt like an old friend coming over for tea, a chat and a laugh! I’ll never forget, after we made a ‘non conventional’ decision, Jo came in with a quote from a book she had been reading that she knew would just resonate with us and I remember thinking – this is midwifery care, women friends that know you well enough to speak your words back to you ❤️ I had never felt more confident of our decision.

The birth of our baby boy came fast and fearless. From the time we let Emily and Jo know I was having surges to the time he was born was a very surprising 4 hours (I might have been in denial!). Their calm, controlled and professional manner settled my slightly frantic husband (for a moment Dean thought he might be delivering the baby himself!). And I honestly believe that if they hadn’t known me, and didn’t have a relationship with us, then they wouldn’t have known they needed to hurry over to us like they did! With my husband in the birth pool behind me holding my right hand, Jo was holding my left, and Emily was in lead with all she needed, her torch and mirror. Jo and Emily knowing us so well, both met my every need and want without me having to say a word. My team kept encouraging me to trust my body, let it do the work, and to not interfere with the process! I couldn’t have asked for a more magical, beautiful, empowering and emotionally raw and real experience. And Emily and Jo were the anchors through it all.

Lastly, I’d just like to say that most people don’t bat an eyelid when spending thousands of pounds on their wedding day, which is one day of your life that will give you some good memories if you manage to take any of it in! Yet most people struggle to invest in their birth – an experience that will impact your life and your baby’s life in ways we cannot even begin to imagine ❤️

You can’t put a price on this type of personal relational midwifery care. We can’t wait for round two with these ladies 🙌❤️