Jo, Lewis and Arlo, Riverside Midwives testimonial

Jo, Lewis and baby Arlo

It’s been one year since our baby boy, Arlo, joined our family and we have celebrated the loveliest lockdown birthday with his two big sisters.

We consider ourselves to be so fortunate to have been fully supported by Emily throughout all three of our birth journeys; the first two through the NHS and Arlo through Riverside Midwives. When people talk about independent midwives being an investment, what comes to mind initially is an investment throughout pregnancy and the post birth period but I would also add that this investment continues to pay off way beyond this. Having a trusted and supportive midwife who understood exactly what was important to us was absolutely invaluable and enabled us to have the positive birth experiences which we were hoping for and ones that we will forever remember with such happiness.

Throughout my third pregnancy it was not only Lewis and I who benefitted from the nurturing nature of Emily and the continuity of care but our two daughters certainly did too. At every point along the way Emily included our daughters in every way possible – from listening to baby,  taking my blood pressure and even helping to weigh Arlo once he arrived.
This involvement has had a lasting impact on both of our daughters who speak very positively of their experience of birth and who regularly take on the role of ‘Dr Emily’ in their imaginative play.  We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jo and Emily at Riverside Midwives 100%.

Thank you so much Emily for being such an integral part of our family’s story.
Jo and Lewis xx