Jules, Dan and baby Theodore

Jules-Dan-baby-TheodoreBooking Jo and Emily was the best decision we made during my pregnancy. We do not know what we would have done in those early days as new parents without them. We were apprehensive about the impending arrival of Theodore, as we’d had a very rocky experience with the NHS during my pregnancy. A friend had booked a private midwife for her birth (in London) and suggested we consider the same.

I contacted the Riverside Midwives only a few weeks before my due date, and they were amazing from the first contact. During our first discussion, Jo set out what service and support they could provide, explained how they operated, what we could expect and how their packages worked. The discussion put me at ease that we would be able to do more than just survive the first days and weeks after Theodore’s birth!

Jo came early the day after we got home from the hospital. Our experience in the hospital post natal ward had been terrible and I (as a new mum) was feeling particularly anxious and worried. Jo spent over three hours with us calmly going through a range of basics (holding our baby, using a baby sling, sterilizing breast pump parts, changing him) and much more complicated issues like my C-section aftercare, pain relief, addressing Theodore’s jaundice and the big one….breastfeeding. Jo and Emily supported us through getting my milk supply up as quickly as possible following the C-section and helping us with Theodore’s jaundice.

Emily assessed and successfully corrected Theodore’s tongue tie ensuring it was as calm as possible, guiding us through what could have been quite a stressful experience. They were contactable on Whatsapp on the days they didn’t visit us, and visited us at times that were convenient for us. They were punctual, well prepared, thorough in their care and record keeping.

I can honestly say that I would have given up on breastfeeding without their wonderful encouragement, guidance, kindness and positivity. We are now over three months into exclusive breastfeeding, and our little man is thriving. We have told anyone who will listen how great they are, and passed on their details to some expectant parents. We are so grateful for their help, and strongly and whole-heartedly recommend them.