Kirti, Hits and baby Kian

Kirti, Hits and baby Kian

Kirti, Hits and baby KianIf you’re reading this because you’re unsure whether to sign with Jo and Emily then don’t think about it and just do it! It was by far the best decision we ever made.

I was unsure whether we needed it but the overworked NHS staff already meant we were on the receiving end of mistakes and weren’t getting the care we needed or liked. Emily and Jo immediately took away all stress and got to know my husband and I and our situation and guided and advised us based on what was right for us. It truly was bespoke care.

They supported us fully throughout the pregnancy and prepared us for labour taking away any questions or uncertainty we may have had. They were available for us for absolutely any question we had. We also had Jo and Emily for 4 weeks after Kian arrived and it truly was priceless. If it wasn’t for them, then I would have ended up using formula and falling apart.

On the first visit when I was home, a simple review on how I was breastfeeding meant the difference between feeding baby for 2 mins (which is what I was doing at the Hospital) vs 30 mins after Jo showed me how to feed. They advised absolutely everything and talked us through many panicked moments and reassured us for any uncertainty we had…and we had a lot after baby was here.

Comparing our relaxed pre and post pregnancy journey with Emily and Jo against our many friends on the NHS who had horrendous stories, we have absolutely no regrets that signing with these wonderful, knowledgeable ladies was easily the best gift we could have given to our baby for his safe arrival.