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Books we love

Am I Allowed? (2021) Beverley A Lawrence Beech

Birthing Your Placenta: the third stage of labour (2018) Sara Wickham

Expecting Better (2018) Emily Oster

Give Birth Like A Feminist: Your body.  Your baby.  Your choices (2019) Milli Hill

Group B Strep Explained (2019) Sara Wickham

In Your Own Time  (2021) Sara Wickham

Men Love & Birth (2015) Mark Harris

Reclaiming Childbirth as a Rite of Passage (2021) Rachel Reed

The Positive Birth Book (2022) Milli Hill

The Positive Breastfeeding Book (2018) Amy Brown

What’s Right For Me? (2018) Sara Wickham

Why Homebirth Matters (2018) Natalie Meddings

Why Infant Reflux Matters (2022) Carol Smyth

Why Mothering Matters (2019) Maddie McMahon

Why Tongue Tie Matters (2021) Sarah Oakley

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