Our Care and Covid-19

In these unusual times we are working hard to keep you safe whilst ensuring we continue to provide you with personal, compassionate, unhurried care. We are still able to visit you in your own home if you are well with some additional measures.

Before we visit you we will check our temperatures and confirm we are well, we will ask you to do the same for yourself and anyone else in your household. Should you be displaying any Covid symptoms we may replace your face to face visit with a virtual visit, and advise you to follow the Government advice on care and isolation. If either Joanna or Emily are unwell, displaying any Covid symptoms, or isolating, the other will attend or we will offer you a virtual visit.

During our visits we will maintain social distancing and wear a mask. Our equipment is thoroughly cleaned in between clients.. We will wash our hands on arrival and departure, and use hand sanitiser regularly throughout our time with you. During any close contact or clinical care we will follow current guidance on appropriate PPE. Hands on care only makes up a small amount of our time with you. The remainder is spent talking, sharing and listening to you about your thoughts, choices, concerns or whatever you need at that particular time. We understand that it can feel strange for you and members of your family to see us looking a little different and we will do our best to minimise this.

If you have any other questions about our care and Covid-19 please do get in touch.

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