Wendy and baby Sebastian

Emily was my midwife for the birth of my 3rd child. It was without a doubt, the best experience I have had with regards to support and care from a midwife. From the start, Emily was completely supportive of my choices. She made sure that I understood the risks and benefits but I never felt like she was trying to sway me, only inform.

I received one-to-one care from her and she was an excellent listener when I was having a wobble and really helped me to keep focused on what was important. She is very knowledgeable and was very good at addressing risks and benefits to help me to make informed decisions. She also went above and beyond to sort out some confusion at my GP surgery which really showed her dedication and heart.

Even though the birth landed on the week Emily was due to go on holiday I was lucky that she was free at the time of my birth and she made sure she was there. My wishes for a pinard to be used instead of a sonic aid were skilfully accommodated.

I felt comfortable and secure at all times knowing that my midwife respected me and my choices. Sebastian was born peacefully into the water at home using hypnobirthing techniques after a very speedy 55 minutes of active labour. Emily was so calm, relaxed and quietly reassuring. I was left to bond and feed my baby until I was ready to birth the placenta which I did on my own terms.

The aftercare was also excellent as I received my paediatric check at home by Emily. Being able to have her friendly support and great listening ear over those first weeks after the baby arrived was invaluable as any new, hormonal mother will tell you that even when you know what you are doing, you feel very vulnerable and Emily continued to ensure that I felt secure and supported. I would highly recommend Emily as a midwife and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her as my midwife in the future.